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....In 1965, I visited the Aubusson tapestries school in the company of Alexandre Bonnier, painting teacher at the Fine Arts . Discovering there a possible extension of my own painting, I entered the following year at the National School of Decorative Arts, Juillet Island. I worked there notably with Michel Tourlière until 1968 when I began to put my knowledge into practice and created my first tapestry Un homme se penche sur son passé.

....In this way I entered into collaboration with different Aubusson manufacturers who wove my creations.

....Continuing my painting at the same time, I gradually extended the range of my exhibition enabling me to obtain my professional status in 1973.

....Resting faithful to these two fields since then, I further my work by varying the supports and the materials. My pieces of work are currently distributed in numerous countries and have been acquired by both public and private collectors.


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